VW-Caddy from P-H-Röhll NRW fleet

Company P-H-Röhll NRW

Based on the historic Name of Röhll Umweltentsorgung, Röhll Environmental Services, (Berlin, est. 1946) Europe’s foremost private disposal company for explosive ordnance, the two entrepreneurs Jürgen Plum and Michael Hobrack founded a company on April 01 / 2004, pursuing new concepts with the focus on the field of explosive ordnance disposal.

Verdachtspunkt im Feld

Potentially hazardous site

The German company with headquarters in Düren, North-Rhine Westphalia, is a modern service provider for public and private clients, focusing on the German and European market. P-H-Röhll NRW and its staff with their long-standing experience offer their clients a partnership for safety and quality for preparatory soil and surface- water sanitation. The goal is the innovative development of salvaging techniques for explosive ordnance using effective methods and documentation. The company’s aim is the constant improvement of trust in questions of safety for the client and all staff members participating in a project.


With their 46 years of experience in the detection, recovery and disposal of high-risk objects, the two managing directors have a considerable potential of know-how. A factor that is reflected in the employee structure.