For your safety

P-H-Röhll NRW offers you permanent safety. The company is a voluntary member of the “Güteschutzgemeinschaft Kampfmittelräumung Deutschland e. V.” GKD [a body monitoring the quality of work], and is committed to maintain the quality standards for the disposal of explosive ordnance and at the same time it is subjected to permanent monitoring and stringent quality controls.

This is in addition to the regulations and checks conducted by the “Berufsgenossenschaft Chemie” (trade association for chemistry) and the “Ämter für Arbeitsschutz” [a body monitoring working safety].

The GKD is an association of qualified businesses active in the core fields of salvaging, removal and disposal of explosive ordnance. They include disposal companies, engineering firms and systems suppliers, which are exercising a voluntary self-control herewith. GKD specifies quality standards and monitors these on a regular basis in order to substantially reduce the risks for the staff.

Protecting the public from the dangers emanating from the disposal of explosive ordnance is an important goal of the community. Therefore their members dedicate their efforts to the information on the existing dangers and the documentation of recent accidents with ammunition left in the terrain.