Sicherheit – Erste Hilfe

Safety comes first

The disposal of explosive ordnance is carried out in areas such as bomb-throwing theaters, combat zones, detonation sites, or military training grounds, where public building activities are being planned or where public use of certain sections as recreation area is anticipated. These measures by the P-H-Röhll NRW lay the foundation stone for a reliable increase in value of these areas, which have been cleared and can be safely handed over for example after the removal of inherited burdens, free from hazardous substances.

Vorfahrt für Sicherheit

The user will be provided with the highest degree of safety – with work the success of which can only be assessed by the quality of the entire project. This is why P-H-Röhll NRW is relying on the interplay between experience and constant training on a level that conforms to the latest standards, in order to protect all participants of a project. Economic criteria must not endanger safety. That is why you will be provided with a detailed project analysis in advance which takes into account the most effective method for the search and recovery of ordnance for the site in question.