Sicherheit – Erste Hilfe

Maintaining safety

afety allowing the permanent use of the terrain is beneficial to contractors and clients of P-H-Röhll NRW. Assessed and cleared sites

Sicherheit durch Erfahrung

Safety through experience and expertise

may be developed and used permanently.
may be accessed safely by people.
are free from poisonous and hazardous substances from war relicts.
possess high added-value.
lessen the risk for construction projects.
provide the building owner with legal security.
remove potential sources of contamination.
prevent accidents and contact with ordnance.

A trouble-free use of the terrain is achieved by the application of various measures that have one aim: Safety. These measures include the evaluation of the terrain’s condition, a soil analysis and an expert investigation into the presence of ordnance.

This is where P-H-Röhll NRW helps you with
Analyzing the terrain for possible contamination caused by the actions of war.
Cartography accompanying the project.
Surface and deep-range detection of relics of war and of metallic objects.
Finding suspected sites of explosive bodies.
Complete salvaging of all located objects in the terrain investigated.
Securing of and information provided to all public authorities involved.
Returning the terrain together with professional documentation.
Adjustment of data with those of the authorities of the federal states (duds found).