Surface detection

– or surface search is one of the most important tasks in the run-up to the planning of projects and clearance of terrain and development sites. Following precise cartography, a grid is laid over the terrain and is sounded out thoroughly. Long years of experience with the latest types of probes (Vallon, Förster, Ebinger) guarantee a complete detection of metallic foreign objects. All steps of the sequential plan, from the detection to the uncovering and right up to the salvaging are described in detail and are made available in a clear documentation.

The Röhll gang during surface search

P-H-Röhll NRW has a great deal of experience with manual localization (i.e. without computer-aided recording of readings) in the extensive terrain of the Hürtgenwald historic combat zone. Here our staff has been active successfully for over 30 years.

Terrain that does not belong exclusively to the reported bomb-throwing areas is cleared by this method effectively and in a demand-oriented way from metallic objects and dangerous explosive bodies of any kind.