Construction companies

Röhll-Trupps (Röhll construction troops) are active nation-wide as partners for private construction companies working out legal and practical solutions for the development of permanently safe terrain. The question of how terrain that must be re-developed has to be examined is treated differently by the individual federal states. However, the fact remains that found ammunition will remain a problem for generations to come, as recent studies have confirmed.

Vorbereitung zur Bohrlochdetektion

Preparations for a bore hole probe

Unprepared development of terrain is often leading to serious delays during construction work and to expensive down-time periods when dud finds cause site close-downs. An expertise in the planning phase makes that risk calculable and keeps down costs. Any ideas from your side are welcome, too.

Found ammunition will remain a problem for generations (german)
Sequence plan of a bomb disposal operation (german)
Article written for a German construction magazine (german)