Federal states regulations

Here you will find a complete list with the addresses of the german KMBD offices [Disposal Service] (PDF).

Responsibility for the building site.
Current legal opinion assigns the responsibility for a site to the builder-owner, as the land is thought to constitute building material made available by him. As such the supervisory authorities require proof that the land is suitable for building purposes in order to issue a building permit and the owner must produce evidence of suitability at their request.

Kampfmittelbeseitigung vor Ort

On-site removal of explosive ordnance

Regulation by the federal states
As an expression of their sovereignty the federal states have quite divergent regulations covering the procedure to be followed in cases of suspected presence of ammunition or cases of ammunition finds.

Federal states regulations
Please contact the competent authorities of the federal states.

Some examples of web contacts responsible for the disposal of explosive ordnance with the authorities of the federal states:

Hamburg: www.feuerwehr.hamburg.de
Lower-Saxony: www.niedersachsen.de
North-Rhine Westphalia (Ministry of the Interior): www.im.nrw.de